Vegetarian vs. Vegetarian How are they different? 

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Vegetarian vs. Vegetarian How are they different? What can and can’t be eaten as a vegetarian?

A popular question that everyone who is new to vegetarianism must ask is vegetarianism and vegetarianism. How are they different? Because vegetarian food is also a food that does not contain meat. But vegetarians can eat almost all types of vegetables. And can that food be eaten? Can you eat this? Why? We’ve collected information that people are curious about. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

What is the difference between eating vegetarian and eating vegetarian ?

The 1999 Royal Institute Dictionary gives an explanation: ” Vegetarian ” means food that is not prepared with meat. and some vegetables such as garlic, chives, and coriander . As for vegetarians, the 1999 Royal Institute Dictionary explains that it means abstaining from eating meat. Food that has no meat and only vegetables is called vegetarian food.  

Therefore and eating differs in abstaining from consuming meat. By eating, you will abstain from consuming all types of meat. Including vegetables that have a pungent smell. and foods containing eggs, milk, and soybeans While vegetarians will abstain from consuming all types of meat. But eggs, milk and soy can be consumed.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan? Explained easily as follows:

  1. Vegetarians can eat all types of vegetables. Except for 5 types of vegetables with a pungent odor: onions, garlic, chives, small garlic, and coriander. Vegetarians can eat all types of vegetables without any restrictions.
  2. Vegetarians cannot drink fresh milk or condensed milk. For vegetarians, they can drink fresh milk or condensed milk.
  3. Vegetarians cannot eat eggs. Because it is considered that if you wait until the incubation time has elapsed, the eggs will hatch. Therefore, eating eggs is indirectly equivalent to eating meat. Vegetarians can eat eggs. Because it is considered that eggs that are commonly consumed are unfertilized eggs.
  4. Those who eat vegetarian food In addition to not eating meat and some vegetables that have a pungent smell You must also observe the Uposatha precepts (8 precepts) together. If you do not observe the uposatha precepts, it cannot call. It can only be called vegetarian. Eat vegetarian or eat only vegetables.

What can vegetarians eat?

  • Tea or coffee without milk, butter or creamer.
  • Vitamin supplement tablets that does not contain animal extracts
  • Crispy snacks that do not contain animal ingredients.
  • Pepper is an herb (but if you feel that it has a pungent smell can be avoided)
  • Bread (vegetarian bread or without milk ingredients)
  • Mama or instant noodles (Vegetarian formula only)

What can you not eat as a vegetarian? And what are you prohibited from doing?

  • Liquor, beer and all types of alcohol
  • Honey (because it is considered part of the honeycomb people will not harm animals.)
  • Oysters (although some believe that they can be eaten But if you don’t want to harm animals, you shouldn’t eat it.)
  • Coriander (although not in the group of 5 prohibited vegetables, it is considered a vegetable with a pungent odor)
  • Crab sticks (even without actual crab meat) But there is flour and fish meat)
  • Cheese (because it contains cow’s milk, goat milk, buffalo milk, depending on the type of cheese)
  • Yogurt (because it’s also made from cow’s milk)
  • Smoking (against precepts and tobacco leaves are among the 5 prohibited vegetables)
  • Do not extinguish all 9 lamps in places such as shrines, halls, almshouses, or other places where vegetarian ceremonies are held. (The 9 lanterns will be lit all day and all night. Therefore, someone had to keep watch so that the lamp wouldn’t go out.)

Eating vegetarian food is no longer as difficult as it once was. Because nowadays food Or some organic foods that are vegetarian are easily available. And it’s delicious as well. Therefore, for our good health , we intend to eat for the entire day. Or who likes it and wants to eat more, even better. Your health will be strong. And the figure is also better. Two layers of luck