Is it necessary to take a vitamins supplement?

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A popular question that many people secretly think hard. A jar of vitamins is not cheap. Do we really need to take vitamin supplements? The answer is no. Vitamin supplements are only helpful for people who know they are at risk of not getting enough nutrients. Or don’t have much time to take care of yourself. It can be called a helper for city people who have to work hard. Until unable to arrange food Find the time you want to exercise.

But it would be much better. If we can get all the vitamins through freshly prepared food. And have nutritional value from all 5 groups. Exercise regularly get enough rest and find time to relieve stress with favorite activities. That’s it, you don’t have to invest in vitamins that cost hundreds of thousands anyway.

But if the symptoms are severe enough to see a doctor and what it is. Vitamin supplements may be another option that can save your life as well. Therefore, you must explore yourself whether it is necessary to take vitamin supplements, how much UFABET

If we take vitamin supplements in a row for too long. may cause the body to receive that vitamin more than needed. The liver and kidneys have to work hard to filter out the nutrients they need and discard. And taking too many vitamin supplements. May also increase the disease as well. For example, if you eat too much calcium. May be at risk for kidney stones or the bleeding does not stop or difficult to stop bleeding If the way too much cod liver oil, etc.