Josep Guardiola urged Raheem Sterling to score at Anfield Liverpool

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, urged Raheem Sterling to break the net at Liverpool, the former agency arrived at Anfield to continue to defeat the gossip. Also, the shape of the English footballer has been good since the Champions League match in the middle of the week.

Sterling, who has played 15 games for the Reds in all competitions since joining City six years ago, only broke the net as an away team in the league last season, winning 4-1. There were no fans in that match because of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

But going back five seasons ago at Anfield there were no goals or assists, so Pep would like to see the 26-year-old overcome the pressure in his heart. 

“He played well against Paris Saint-Germain,” said Guardiola.

“Raheem created a unique chance with a header but was saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma. We needed that guy’s quality in a game like that, his speed. That guy did a really good job.” 

“Sterling can play right forward. But at the start of the new season, Gabriel Jesus played the dominant role, and against PSG we needed to have some bait to mark our opponents in different areas. You need someone who can control the ball left and right, and the doctor is the best choice of the team.” 

“Whether or not you can compete depends on your opponent. Sometimes we need someone with special qualities. And in our 100-point league championship season, Raheem is very dominant on the starboard side   . And that’s what he’s always been able to do.” 

Incidentally, Raheem’s record against Liverpool in the league game is not good, playing 11 games, losing 5 (3 wins, 3 draws). According to ufabet