Marca reveals the ghost, Dembele final curve

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Spanish publication Marca reports that. Manchester United, Chelsea and Newcastle are considering a move for Barcelona forward Ousmane Dembele. In the final phase of the transfer window. Buy and sell in January.

         “I throw in” and release the French national team from the team. After problems with a new contract. Which the club seems to have dropped plans to make an offer and find a way for the players to move out of the team asap.

         According to reports. The Premier League trio, United, Blues and Salikadong are all interested in signing Dembele. Before the transfer window UFABET closes on Monday.

         Meanwhile, Mail Online reports that Barca are ready to sell Dembele for only £18million. Despite a staggering loss after being bought from Dortmund for £96.8 million in 2017.

Ousmane Dembele started youth club football in 2004-2009 for Madeleine Évreux in 2009-2010. Played for Évreux and at Rennes in 2010-2015   , then began his career as a professional footballer. for  Rennes II in  2014-2016 , later played for the club Rennes, playing a total of 26 games, scoring 12 goals, then moved to football. Borussia Dortmund in 2016-17 played 32 games, scored 6 goals, and in 2017 joined Barcelona on a five -year contract.    With a high-ranked, high-priced deal,  it is one of Barcelona’s most expensive footballers in the league.