Steve Bruce has urged his team in their 2-4 defeat at West Ham

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Steve Bruce has urged his team in their 2-4 defeat at West Ham. Newcastle manager Steve Bruce has urged his team to play better in their 2-4 defeat at West Ham and thrashed Martin Atkinson. Giving away penalties to competitors without refusing to come out to check VAR themselves.

Mr Salikadong said, “Our defensive game must be better. For me, the big turning point was the penalty. I know we have VAR, for me I don’t understand why the referee standing 10 yards away doesn’t come out to check. because I think he has already checked He thought differently. It was a good game in the first half. But our defensive game has to be better.”

“That’s what VAR should have, I’ve watched it four or five times. It seems difficult to me, Martin [Atkinson] is 10 yards away from it. Why isn’t he going to check himself rather than asking someone 300 miles away? ?

“We create danger And after half-time we had another chance to score. We definitely need to improve our defensive game. When we leave the wound like that It was difficult for us. Overall I am very satisfied with it but we have to defend better.”

When asked about a potential new signing, Bruce replied: “We’re all looking. We’re glad we were able to bring Joe Willock, but we won’t stop looking. We still need that as a manager and a coach if we can bring in more people. We will try.”